Author: Melinda Lujan

Melinda Lujan is a producer, writer, and director from New Mexico. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, however, after a really early mid life crisisdecided to pursue her passion for film making. She has produced short films which include On Letting Go, and co produced a documentary Children of Concordia. Melinda also wrote, produced, and directed The Debt. Melinda has also worked as 2nd assistant director to various student shorts such as Mannequin and Positive. She is currently in pre production for Chloe, which she has written and is also producing. Melinda is a student at Creative Media Institute and plans to work on her MFA in Los Angeles.

“Watching films has always been a big part of my life. It has always been away of escaping to another place when things got too stressful and also now that I am learning and working on my own and others’ short films, it has also become a way for me to tell my own stories and share my experiences. What inspires me to want to make films is the idea that we can be anyone we want. We can let go of whatever ridiculous expectations and ideas other people have for us and really express our true thoughts and dreams, and follow through with them. I want to create films that inspire others to not only watch a film for entertainment but to really look past the lines people are saying to the emotion and “real” story underneath. Before deciding to work in film, I worked with people with issues like alcoholism, abuse, and mental issues. There are so many stories out there to be told and understood. My goal is to bring things to the screen that many people don’t realize exist, and encourage people to think more critically about the world around them.”